Stormy Daniels has increased her security following a series of death threats for her part in the anticipated arrest of former President Donald Trump — while also bragging about an increase in orders for X-rated photos and her merchandise.

Clark Brewster, the porn star’s attorney, told TMZ that there has been an increase in threats and “vitriolic messages” since Trump, 76, said he was likely to be detained Tuesday for making hush payments before the 2016 election to conceal an alleged affair.

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The Manhattan grand jury is still questioning witnesses in the case through at least Wednesday, so it’s unknown when any legal action would be taken. However, the NYPD and other law enforcement agencies have been placed on high alert after Trump called for large-scale protests.

Brewster claimed that Daniels, whose actual name is Stephanie Clifford, has also increased her personal security, but avoided going into detail for fear of aiding those who want to harm her.

Though he has previously admitted that “Stormy for years has had security when she needs to,” TMZ pointed out this statement.

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He previously acknowledged that they had spoken with investigators.
The porn star has replied to several individuals who have posted hateful messages on Twitter, including many who have since been deleted, since Trump warned of his impending arrest.

She’s been referred to by others as a “worthless whore,” a “degenerate prostitute,” and a “extortionist who belongs in jail,” according to TMZ.

Trump, who has consistently denied having an extramarital affair with the porn actress while married to his ex-model wife Melania, 52, calls Daniels “horse face.”

She only calls her purported ex-boyfriend “tiny.”

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But in addition to the threats, the now-famous porn actress claimed in a late-Monday tweet that there has been an increase in the demand for merchandise and X-rated images.

Trump disputes having ever had intercourse with Daniels.

The grand jury has been looking into Trump’s role in a $130,000 payment made to Daniels in 2016 to prevent her from disclosing an alleged sexual contact with him years earlier. Michael Cohen, an attorney for Trump, paid Daniels through a shell firm before receiving reimbursement from Trump, whose business, the Trump Organization, recorded the payments as legal costs.