Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday said  “it takes one to know one” in response to Joe Biden’s ‘killer’ remark for him as US-Russia ties stooped a new low. Biden’s comment became the biggest point of contention between the two countries with Russia recalling its ambassador to US back home, reported AFP.

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Speaking at an event hosted to mark seven years since Russia’s annexation of Crimea, Putin satirically answered Joe Biden and said, “We
always see our own qualities in the other person and think that he is the same as
us.” He was referring to Biden’s killer comment.

takes one to know one,” Putin further added, citing a saying from his Soviet-era
childhood and said that the saying is not just a joke but has a deep psychological meaning in it.

Putin then said that he wished Biden health. “I’m saying this without irony, not as
a joke,” he added.

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Russian President’s response came at the backdrop of US President Joe Biden’s remarks on him where the latter said he believes the assessment that his Russian counterpart is a “killer”. Biden commented in the context of Alexei Navalny’s poisoning and the suppression of other opposing forces in Russia.

The 78-year-old made the controversial statements in an interview with ABC News broadcast adding that Putin would “pay a price” for trying to interfere in US Presidential elections and undermine his candidacy as alleged in a new US intelligence report.

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The report in question claims that Russia attempted to sabotage the candidacy of Biden during US elections 2020.

However, Russia’s relationship with Washington has only gone from bad to worse,
but with Biden’s remark followed calls in Moscow to pause diplomatic
relations with the US.

Putin, however, made it clear that Russia will continue to work and cooperate with the US on everything beneficial to Russia.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin on Thursday said that Joe Biden’s ‘killer’ remark on Russian President Vladimir Putin gives a clear message that Washington has no interest in improving strained ties between the US and Russia.