Ted Nugent performed the national anthem at Donald Trump’s first rally for the 2024 presidential election run at Waco on Saturday, March 25. The singer also spoke at length at the start, before singing the anthem and videos of it surfaced on social media.

The American artist is married to Shemane Deziel. His ex-wife’s name is Sandra Janowski. The musician has six children.

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Who is wife Shemane Deziel?

Shemane Deziel is the second wife of musician Ted Nugent, whom she has been married to since 1989. The couple first met while Deziel was working as part of the newsroom staff at a radio station called WLLZ-FM. Nugent was a guest on the show at the time and the two hit it off.

Deziel is a fitness instructor who teaches yoga, kickboxing, and spinning. She is also a TV producer and has produced several shows, including “Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild,” a hunting show that features her husband as the host.

Additionally, Deziel is also an accomplished author. She has written three best-selling books, including “Kill It & Grill It,” a cookbook that she co-wrote with Nugent, “Married To A Rock Star,” a memoir of her life as a musician’s spouse, and “4 Minutes A Day, Rock n Roll Your Way To Happiness,” a guide to incorporating music and exercise into daily life.

The couple has one child together, a son named Rocco Winchester Nugent.

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Who is ex-wife Sandra Janowski?

Sandra Janowski was the first wife of musician Ted Nugent. The couple was married for eight years, from 1971 to 1979. They had three children together: Starr, Sasha, and Toby.

Janowski was born on December 29, 1948, in Bay City, Michigan. She and Nugent began dating in 1961 and were together for ten years before tying the knot. She passed away aged 33 on November 11, 1982, in Jackson, Michigan. Her cause of death is not publicly known. 

Nugent has spoken fondly of Janowski, the mother of his three eldest children and has credited her with helping him become the man he is today.