In the aftermath of the Texas school shooting, which claimed the lives of 19 children and 2 teachers, details about the gunman’s past has been raising questions about whether warning signs of mental health had been ignored.

Keanna Baxter, a friend of Salvador Ramos, told the San Antonio Express News about the “eerie” behavior the teenager showed. Talking about Ramos’ relationship with one of Baxter’s friend, the 17-year-old said that he was violent towards women.

“He dated my ex-friend. And then they broke up,” Baxter said. “And then he tried to date me after that, but I told him no. Because he always had this kind of eerie sense about him.”

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“She told me that he was scary,” Baxter said. “Like he would get super violent. And when he would lose his temper, she would literally be scared for her life, basically.

“He would send her these really nasty messages, where he’d go from super sweet to screaming at her back to super sweet.”

“He was overall just aggressive, like violent,” Baxter added. “He would try and fight women. He would try and fight anyone who told him no — if he didn’t get his way, he’d go crazy. He was especially violent towards women.”

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One of those women was Crystal Foutz, 17, also a Uvalde High School student, whom Ramos threatened to harm in comments on Instagram after he got into a fight on social media with her ex-boyfriend.

“It was just harassing. And I never like provoked him or anything like that,” Foutz said Friday. “He was aggressive for no reason. … I just blocked him.”

Foutz also said that he harassed his former girlfriend after they broke up.

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“Another friend of mine, when she worked with (Ramos), there was an incident between a girlfriend and a boyfriend — (Ramos) tried to fight the girlfriend,” Foutz told the Express News. “And it really was over nothing. Just because he was aggressive like that.”