Amid the ongoing tussle between Tiktok and the US government over its ban, the popular video-sharing app on Tuesday launched a guide for upcoming elections to combat misinformation on the platform.

TikTok joined Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms in ramping up efforts to tackle fake news, misinformation, provide reliable news and avoid being used to mislead voters during a contentious US election.

The in-app guide will provide links to voter registration pages and access to election information from various sources, including the National Association of Secretaries of State and BallotReady, said TikTok’s US public policy head, Michael Beckerman in a blog post. 

“Our goal is to keep TikTok a place where authentic content can thrive, and our elections guide reflects our ongoing efforts to protect the integrity of our platform and the US elections,” Beckerman said.

The election guide can be accessed from a discover page in the app and will also appear in the election-related search results, he said, adding that it will also be linked at the bottom of videos related to elections or on verified political accounts.

The election guide launch by TikTok comes as it battles to stop a ban in the US ordered by President Donald Trump. TikTok has challenged the ban, calling it capricious and politically motivated, in a court, which has stopped the ban on app downloads from kicking in on Monday.