A brief tornado touchdown in Kansas’ Johnson
County, on Monday, resulted in several damaged residences and uprooted trees in
its path. The events occurred shortly after National Weather Service put up a
warning about the oncoming storm, asking citizens to take shelter.

As of Monday, no injuries were reported, a Kansas City Star
report said, referring to Don McClurg, a captain associated with Johnson County
Fire District 2.

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The announcements were made shortly before 4 pm for a partial section of Miami as well as Johnson County, with the tornado entering the metro
area sometime later in the afternoon.

The weather service in its alert warned of flying debris as
a possible danger to those without shelter, while at the same time noting that
it posed a risk towards windows, roofs, trees and vehicles.

“Report from law enforcement of a tornado near 199th and
Switzer in rural south-eastern Johnson County just south of the Overland Park
city limits”, a later tweet from the NWS read.

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By evening, several images were posted on Twitter by local
residents, displaying the damage done by the storm, including damaged trees,
broken fences and destroyed roofs of various houses.

McClurg reportedly further noted that officials were out assessing
structural damages inflicted by the storm.