Former President Donald Trump was seen beating President Joe Biden by 10 points in a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll, which led the conservatives to gleefully troll the liberals online.

Both the Washington Post as well as ABC News are known for their left-leaning news segments. So when the 77-year-old ex-leader triumphed over the Democratic POTUS 52% to 42% in a hypothetical rematch of the 2020 presidential race, all the MAGA supporters on social media could not help but react to it.

“Heads are EXPLODING at the Jeff Bezos Amazon Washington Post, as President Trump now leads Biden nationally by 10,” senior Trump adviser Jason Miller boasted on X.

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Here are a few more reactions, which also included people accusing The Post of downplaying their own poll as an “outlier” due to the results.

During the 2016 election, Trump clinched about 46% support, and in 2020, he grossed nearly 47% support among voters.

The recent poll spelled bad news for Biden, as voters did not seem happy with issues ranging from the economy, immigration, age, and more. Although Biden’s reelection campaign and administration have boasted about the progress of “Bidenomics,” 44% surveyed in the poll thought that the financial picture deteriorated under his watch. Only 30% were in favor of how he handled the economy and 37% approved of his performance overall. 56% disapproved of his performance, as per the poll.

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On immigration, Biden’s gained an approval rating of 23%, with 45% strongly disapproving. Meanwhile, 74% of voters felt that he was too old for another term. About 50% opined the same about Trump. Biden would be 86 by the conclusion of a second term in office. Meanwhile, Trump would also be the oldest president ever in office if he served a full second non-consecutive term.

Some of Trump’s Republican rivals have cast doubt on whether he could take down Biden in the 2024 general election as he has been defeated by the latter once already. On top of that, Trump is currently facing 91 felony charges across 4 criminal cases. Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) allies have cited a WPA Intelligence Poll showing Biden dispatching Trump 45% to 39% if convicted.

According to the ABC-Washington Post poll, Forty-eight percent of respondents approve of Trump’s performance in office, compared to 49% who disapproved.