Two subway trains collided in Manhattan, New York, causing a derailment and significant disruptions to subway services. The incident occurred on Thursday at the 96th Street station on the Upper West Side near Broadway.

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A subway train crashed into the back of another, resulting in a derailment. Eight people were reported injured, although none of the injuries were severe​​​​​​. The New York City Transit subway (NYCT) announced that the crash occurred after a train’s brakes were incorrectly activated.

This incident caused a major disruption to the 1/2/3 subway service, with a complete suspension of service in most of Manhattan and power being shut down on lines north of 72nd Street​​​​. This incident highlights the critical importance of safety and operational efficiency in urban public transportation systems, particularly in densely populated areas like Manhattan.

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The investigation into why the train’s brakes were wrongly activated is ongoing, as authorities seek to understand the cause of this potentially dangerous situation and prevent similar occurrences in the future.