President Joe Biden is being blasted online after he appeared to have dozed off during a ceremony in Hawaii honoring the hundreds of Americans killed by the fires on Monday.

Here is a video that is currently going viral:

Biden’s administration was already in considerably hot waters due to his lackluster response to the raging wildfires in Hawaii that has nearly wiped out the town of Lahaina, with death toll reaching 115 so far and over 850 people still unaccounted for.

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The POTUS and his wife, Jill, visited Maui 13 days after wildfires started Biden on Monday where he surveyed the level of damaged already wreaked. The couple also met with Hawaiian officials, emergency service workers, and residents while on the island.

He was honored with an ornate lei at a community event that featured traditional music and heartfelt speeches by local leaders. The event also invited survivors who had first hand experience of the wildfires, who spoke about how the devastation had impacted their lives. It was during one of their speeches that Biden was seen slumping on a chair with his eyes closed, seemingly taking a nap.

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Needless to say, the clip outraged many people on social media. WOW!!! Joe Biden appears to be sleeping while listening to survivors speak about their homes burning to the ground. Two vacations and you still can’t stay awake? You can’t make this up,” one user on X, formerly known as Twitter, said. “Joe Biden falling asleep in Maui whilst meeting local survivors of one of the worst Human Tragedies in American History. Impeach this child sniffing corrupted criminal NOW,” another tweeted.

A third commented, “Remember that time Joe Biden looked at his watch when the caskets of 13 dead soldiers were being returned from his chaotic Afghanistan pullout? Well now he just fell asleep during a ceremony in Hawaii honoring the hundreds of Americans killed by the fires.”