A former FBI agent claims that Alicia Navarro, who disappeared at the age of 14 after promising her mother she would return, may have been kidnapped four years ago and is currently suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

The now-18-year-old autistic teen appeared at a police station in Montana this week claiming that she was prepared to leave wherever she was staying. She lived in Glendale, Arizona, 1,400 miles away from the police station in Havre.

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She disappeared from her Arizona home in 2019, and much of what happened to her is still unknown, including whether she left voluntarily with anyone and whether she now plans to return home.

On Wednesday, after she identified herself to authorities in Havre, Montana, a guy was detained in an apartment just a few blocks away. Although it’s not obvious who he is or why he’s being kept, his arrest is thought to be related to Alicia’s disappearance. The inquiry is being handled by Glendale Police in Arizona.

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Alicia assured the police that she had not been hurt when they spoke to her on FaceTime. “Did anyone hurt you in any way?” a police officer queries. “No one hurt me,” Navarro said.

She might be suffering from Stockholm syndrome, a psychiatric condition where victims of kidnapped start to sympathize with and even adore their captors, according to former FBI agent Jim Egleston, who spoke to AZ.com.

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In 2019, Alicia left her mother a note that stated, “I ran away,” before disappearing from her house. ‘I ran away. I will be back. I swear. I’m sorry,’ the note read 

She had been missing for years, and her mother Jessica Nunez had paid for billboards in several states in the hope that someone might be able to help her find her. Jessica has expressed her relief after being located on her public Facebook page, where she had been asking for information.