A BE20 aircraft crashed in Little Rock, Arkansas, on Wednesday leading to the death of five people, multiple news outlets are reporting.

The Associated Press said quoting Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. Cody Burk that the aircraft crashed outside a 3M plant in Little Rock, a couple of miles south of Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport. The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed that five people were on board the aircraft.

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What is a BE20 aircraft?

The BE20 aircraft is a type of airplane manufactured by Beechcraft, a subsidiary of Textron Aviation. The BE20, also known as the Beechcraft King Air 200, is a twin-engine turboprop aircraft that is commonly used for corporate, government, and military purposes.

With a range of approximately 1,800 miles and the ability to carry up to nine passengers, the BE20 is a reliable and cost-effective option for short to medium-range flights. It is known for its durability, reliability, and exceptional performance in a variety of weather conditions. The BE20 is also equipped with modern avionics systems and safety features, making it a popular choice among pilots and passengers alike.

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The AP report says quoting FAA that the Beech BE20 was headed to John Glenn International Airport in Columbus, Ohio, from the Little Rock airport. FAA further said that it and the National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the crash.

The names or ages of the people on the plane were not immediately released.