A pro-Nazi rally took place in Wisconsin today amidst growing antisemitic attacks, organized by the white supremacist group Blood Tribe

What is Blood Tribe?

The Blood Tribe is a burgeoning neo-Nazi group with claimed chapters across the United States and Canada. Its followers adhere to the white supremacist ideology propagated by Christopher Pohlhaus, also known as Hammer. Pohlhaus espouses extremist beliefs that incorporate elements of Esoteric Hitlerism, which deifies Hitler, and Wotanism, a variant of Norse Paganism.

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Presenting itself as a hardcore white supremacist organization, the Blood Tribe staunchly rejects those advocating for softer “optics” within the white supremacist movement. Emphasizing hyper-masculinity, the group notably excludes female members. The Blood Tribe perceives itself as the final bastion against perceived enemies of the white race and champions the establishment of a white ethnostate as its ultimate objective.

Formally becoming a membership organization in 2021, the Blood Tribe has escalated its activities, participating in anti-LGBTQ+ demonstrations and organizing private gatherings. Christopher Pohlhaus, the group’s founder, transitioned from being a U.S. Marine and tattoo artist in San Antonio to cultivating an online following by selling white supremacist propaganda and gear. His video podcasts urged followers to prepare for a supposed “last stand” and a “righteous war” against those perceived as threats to their heritage.

With the growth of his following, Pohlhaus adopted the term “Blood Tribe” to describe his supporters, and in 2021, the group transformed into a structured membership organization. In May 2022, Pohlhaus relocated to Maine, where he purchased land to construct an encampment for white supremacists.

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The Blood Tribe gained public attention in March 2023 when they held their first public demonstration in Wadsworth, Ohio, protesting a drag queen story hour. Adorned in matching red sweaters, waving swastika flags, and displaying a banner that ominously read “There will be blood,” the group continued to expand, establishing chapters across the U.S. and Canada in the subsequent months.