New York City awakened to yet another day of smoke-filled sky and poor air quality on Wednesday, making its status as one of the most severely polluted areas.

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The city is currently ranked fifth in the world for having some of the worst air quality, trailing Toronto, Hanoi, Dhaka, and New Delhi. 

Residents in New York are advised to limit their outdoor work and take proper precautions to tackle smoke. With this severe smoke, New York is now under code red.

What is Code Red?

“Code Red” is a word used to describe a serious or urgent situation, which is frequently associated with crises or threats. The precise meaning of “Code Red” varies depending on the situation and the organization that employs it. In other circumstances, it may relate to a high level of attention or readiness, such as in a hospital where it may indicate an impending crisis or an influx of patients. “Code Red” may also be used to express a specific emergency situation, such as a fire, natural disaster, or security concern, in various circumstances.

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As the Air quality index takes a sharp drop in New York, Residents are concerned about the hazardous air conditions as they continue to deal with the consequences of this environmental disaster.

As per media reports, the Northeast of the United States is currently dealing with smoke from over 400 wildfires in Canada. The province of Quebec has been evacuated as a result of these wildfires. Canadian authorities are concerned that this could be the country’s most devastating wildfire season on record, with the blazes already affecting an area of over 6.7 million acres.

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As the Air Quality Index (AQI) in New York and other major cities approaches “unhealthy” levels, officials are advising residents to limit their time spent outside to only necessary activities. Several schools in New York district have canceled their outdoor activities.