A bag of cocaine was found in the West Wing of the White House, underneath the Oval Office and close to the Situation Room on Sunday.

Recently, when questioned about the illicit drug’s potential origin, a spokesperson for the Biden administration left open the possibility of the first son Hunter Biden being involved.

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What is Situation Room?

The Situation Room, often referred to as the John F. Kennedy Conference Room, is a meeting space and intelligence management hub situated in the West Wing’s basement. 

The room is a critical place for the President of the United States and his advisors, including the National Security Advisor, Homeland Security Advisor, and White House Chief of Staff, with a large area of 5,525 square feet. The room is intended to support crisis management, keep an eye on local and global affairs, and conduct secure interactions with people outside the White House, frequently from abroad.

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According to an NBC News report, the dime-sized narcotic bag was found on Sunday night in a cubby space between a foyer and a lobby close to where official cars, such as the vice presidential SUV or limo, are parked.

The area is used by both White House personnel and tourists as a place to store their phones and other items that are not allowed in other areas of the building. The basement entrance, where the cubby is located, is one of two entrances to the West Wing and is on the same level as the Situation Room, executive offices, and the White House Mess.

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According to NBC News, the Secret Service’s ongoing investigation into the finding of the illegal white substance might be finished as soon as Monday. The agency is meticulously looking through visitor logs and security footage to find anyone who might have been in charge of leaving the cocaine in the location that the White House has labeled as “highly trafficked.”