Midterm elections, scheduled to be held on November 8, are general elections for Congress, consisting of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The elections are held every two years, and when they fall in the middle of a President’s four-year term, they are called midterms. All seats in the House of Representatives, alongside one-third of the senate, are up for election. Moreover, 36 US states elect their governors during these elections whereas some other states elect officers to their state legislature. 

When to vote in Midterms?

The polling for midterms is scheduled for November 8, 2022. Local poll times may vary, but many of them are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., allowing voters to cast their ballots at a convenient time. 

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How to Vote in Midterms?

There are different options for voters for casting their ballots. It includes voting by mail, in-person early voting, and at polls on the day of elections. 

Eight states- California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, and Washington, and the District of Columbia have a widespread vote-by-mail system, wherein registered voters would automatically be mailed the ballots. They offer the option of in-person voting also.

Around 46 states allow early in-person voting. Specific rules might differ across states, says National Conference of State Legislatures.

Four states- Alabama, Connecticut, Mississippi, and New Hampshire do not offer widespread in-person early voting. 

Around 35 states ask voters to show their identification when voting in-person, some states might have stricter requirements than others. Some states require photo identification, while others accept a broader range of IDs and do not have any particular requirement.

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If a voter fails to present their ID in a state where it is required or faces other questions regarding their eligibility to vote, federal law requires the state government to issue a provisional ballot, and the vote will be counted only if the election officials confirm if the voter is registered. 

Why vote in Midterm Elections?

Midterm Elections are crucial in deciding which of the two parties will control the Congress, the state legislatures, and the governor’s office. This midterm election would be a referendum on President Joe Biden’s term, thus allowing the voters to indirectly express their opinion on the incumbent president. 

The steady downfall of the US economy, abortion rights and restrictions to access to abortion medical care, and concerns over crime and undocumented migration are some of the many deciding factors for the results of the midterm elections, which will further shape the presidential elections in 2024.