After nine victims were hurt in a gun massacre in Lakeland, Florida, on Monday afternoon, police are now looking into the incident. According to a tweet from the Lakeland Police Department, police responded to calls of a shooting on Monday at around 3:43 local time. Nine persons were hurt overall, based on the authorities, and two of them required immediate medical attention.

According to a notice, Lakeland police will provide updates on the incident at a press conference at 7 p.m. ET.

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Where is Lakeland, Florida?

The largest city in Polk County, Florida, which is a part of the Tampa Bay Area and is situated along Interstate 4 east of Tampa, is Lakeland. Over 100,000 people live there, and the total area of the city is roughly 74.4 miles. The downtown area has been affectionately dubbed “Lakeland’s living room” because of its sense of community and the popular and entertaining things to do there. People can appreciate Lakeland’s countless natural wonders and rich Old Florida history.

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Lakeland Mass Shooting:

Police in Lakeland, Florida said that a drive-by shooting left at least 10 individuals injured, of whom two are in intensive care. Reports state that a dark-blue Nissan four-door vehicle arrived at the shooting location. Men were being shot from both sides of the vehicle as the shooters began firing through all four windows.

According to sources, eight of the patients had non-life-threatening injuries. Only three casualties, who ranged in age from 20 to 35, were transferred by emergency management personnel. The other people were driven away in their own cars.

The cops believe it was a planned event. The chief claimed that in his 34 years working for the police, he had never handled a case where there had been so many shootings at once.