The House representatives across the political aisle are expected to vote on the resolution of ousting Kevin McCarthy as the Speaker on Tuesday.

Here are the six Republican lawmakers who have vowed to vote yes on removing McCarthy from the post of House Speaker. Here they are:

  • Matt Gaetz 
  • Victoria Spartz 
  • Eli Crane 
  • Nancy Mace 
  • Bob Good 
  • Matt Rosendale

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There are also some undecided GOP members who don’t particularly like McCarthy but have not indicated how they would vote yet. Here is a list of them:

  • Andy Biggs 
  • Paul Gosar
  • Tim Burchett 
  • Anna Paulina Luna 
  • Wesley Hunt
  • Ken Buck
  • Andy Ogles
  • Michael Cloud
  • Lauren Boebert (She gave a “thumbs up” to Gaetz on the House floor)
  • Andrew Clyde 

Meanwhile, according to CNN, McCarthy can only afford to lose 4 Republican defections, that is if all Democrats vote against him and all members are present and voting.

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However, he already seems to be a bit of a pickle since six of his party members have already said they will back the effort to boot McCarthy. This automatically means that he would need Democratic votes to hold onto the speakership. This is based on the assumption that there aren’t a significant number of absences during the vote.

But expecting support from the Democratic Party may not be the best idea as House Democratic leadership has recommended voting to remove him. “If Republicans move to table the privileged resolution to declare the Office of the Speaker Vacant, House Democratic Leadership urges members to VOTE NO. Members are urged to VOTE YES on the privileged resolution to declare the Office of the Speaker Vacant,” a statement said.

Top House Democrat Hakeem Jeffries has not declared his party position on removing McCarthy. However, he has met with members of his party behind closed doors where they have reportedly agreed to work with Republicans while calling on the opposing party to “end the chaos, end the dysfunction, end the extremism”.