Two people were detained on Thursday, in connection with a gunshot that happened outside an Albuquerque baseball stadium. An 11-year-old child lost his life in the shooting, which prompted the governor of New Mexico to enact a divisive gun ban.

The two individuals have been identified as Jose Romero and Nathen Garley.

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Who are Jose Romero and Nathen Garley?

Jose Romero, aged 22, and Nathen Garley, aged 21, have been detained in relation to the shooting that took place on September 6, following an Albuquerque Isotopes game. In a press conference, Police Chief Harold Medina said that the event appeared to be the consequence of a mistaken identity.

Romero was detained on Thursday night, and according to Medina, he was previously wanted for missing a court date regarding an alleged cocaine trade. 

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Garley, on the other hand, was already in detention when he was taken into custody in connection with the slaying. On his way home from Arizona on September 13, state police had stopped him. State Police Chief W. Troy Weisler said during the news conference that police found a gun and almost 100,000 fentanyl tablets in the car.

The pickup vehicle was leaving the minor league game at Isotopes Stadium, according to the police, when the males, who were later identified as alleged gang members, approached it. More than a dozen rounds were fired during the ensuing onslaught, tragically ending Froylan Villegas’ life. Tragically, authorities reported that his relative Tatiana Villegas was paralyzed from the waist down.

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According to police spokesman Gilbert Gallegos, the young boy’s mother and infant brother were in the truck at the time and narrowly avoided injury, while the other youngster was hit by two bullets. The police chief has stressed that the shooting was an unfortunate instance of “mistaken identity,” in contrast to initial concerns of a possible road rage incident.