Two TSA agents were arrested after getting caught on video stealing money from passengers’ luggage at a security checkpoint at Miami International Airport in late June and early July.

The suspects in question have been identified as Labarrius Williams and Josue Gonzalez. They were on duty scoping out bags that were scanned at the airport. The Transportation Security Administration agents together hatched a plan which they executed with the help of each other to steal money from carry-ons stashed in bins on a conveyor belt, according to a police affidavit.

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The CCTV footage from the area showed Williams and Gonzalez standing at the carousel, using it to loot cash from people’s personal belongings that were passing by. The men stuffed their hands into the bags and shoved the bills into their pockets.

Apart from these two agents, who were arrested in July and charged with grand theft, a third TSA employee, was also charged, named Elizabeth Fuster. Fuster was originally accused of stealing $600 from someone’s wallet. However, the case was eventually dismissed.