Alaia Baldwin Aronow, Hailey Bieber’s sister, found herself embroiled in controversy following her arrest in Savannah, Georgia. This incident, occurring earlier in the week, has caught the public’s attention due to the unusual and alarming details surrounding the altercation. The situation unfolded at Club Elan, a local bar, where the owner felt compelled to call 911 over a patron’s unruly behavior, which, according to police, was exhibited by Alaia Baldwin Aronow.

Alaia, an influencer, was arrested on a Saturday night after reportedly becoming belligerent and combative when informed she could not use an employees-only restroom and must instead use the public facilities.

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The altercation escalated quickly, with Baldwin allegedly assaulting three staff members. According to the police report obtained by TMZ, Baldwin’s aggressive actions included yanking hair from a security guard’s head and kicking another guard in the groin as they attempted to remove her from the premises.

The incident took a bizarre turn when a female bartender, attempting to address the situation with discretion, claimed that Baldwin threw a used tampon at her after being asked to vacate the employee bathroom. This alarming behavior led to Baldwin’s eventual ejection from the bar by security personnel. Upon confrontation by the responding officer, Baldwin claimed she was merely defending herself and argued that the situation was exaggerated.

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Alaia Baldwin Aronow was charged with several offenses, including simple assault, simple battery, battery, and trespassing, and was booked into jail where she posed for a mug shot. The details of this incident have sparked considerable discussion due to the nature of the allegations and the involvement of a member of the Baldwin family, known for their prominence in entertainment and modeling.