A man was detained following a horrific event in which he fatally shot his wife inside the toilet of their Miami home, according to police officials. The accused has been identified as Alberto Molinet.

The alarming incident happened on Sunday shortly before 1 a.m. in a house located in Miami’s 3600 block of Northwest 30th Avenue.

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Who is Alberto Molinet?

Alberto Molinet is 70 years old. As per police records, Alberto Molinet and his wife were having a heated argument. He took a gun from an open safe in their living room during the argument. He then attempted to fire the gun while aiming it towards his wife. The report, however, claims that the weapon was empty at the time.

The report stated that Molinet took advantage of the chance to load the gun as his wife fled in fear to the restroom.

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Molinet then pulled the trigger on the rifle once, causing it to pierce through the restroom door. According to the report, he then forcibly entered while his wife was desperately attempting to stop him from firing further bullets.

The report further stated that According to the complaint, Molinet bit his wife and fired a second shot, hitting her and forcing her to pass out. The couple’s minor daughter saw this horrible thing happen firsthand and reported the shooting by dialing 911.

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Miami-Dade Fire Rescue responded quickly to the call and discovered the victim had passed away at the scene. Her identity remains a secret. Molinet was then arrested and later accused of second-degree murder.

The incident took place at a residence in Miami’s 3600 block of Northwest 30th Avenue shortly before 1 a.m. on Sunday. The police officials have not yet disclosed the motive behind the horrific crime.