Amna Muheisen, an ABA therapist specializing in working with children, responded to a Jewish Instagram user, stating, “No, I don’t [condemn Hamas]. Now kiss my Palestinian ass. They’re called freedom fighters. Now go be the pig u are.”

Who is Amna Muheisen?

Muheisen is an autism therapist working with children.

This controversial comment, filled with provocative language, reflects Muheisen’s apparent refusal to condemn the actions of Hamas, a Palestinian militant group considered a terrorist organization by several countries. Instead, she labels them as “freedom fighters,” a term often associated with those advocating for independence or resistance.

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The use of offensive language and the dismissal of concerns about Hamas raises ethical considerations, especially given Muheisen’s role as an ABA therapist working with children. ABA therapists are expected to adhere to professional standards, promoting inclusivity, tolerance, and cultural sensitivity.

This incident has sparked discussions about the importance of separating personal views from professional responsibilities, as well as the need for individuals in influential roles, such as therapists working with children, to maintain a neutral and unbiased stance.

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It remains to be seen whether Muheisen’s employer or professional associations will address this matter, as the comment could be perceived as contradicting the principles of impartiality and respect for diverse perspectives within the field of applied behavior analysis.