A Nevada man and his two young children were found in a car in the desert, suffering from the effects of the intense heat, according to an arrest record, reported by CNN.

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The man identified as Brian Laugeson is facing charges.

His children, a boy and a girl, were found by Henderson Police Department officers on Monday in a distressed state, in and out of consciousness. According to the arrest record, the incident happened in sweltering heat with a temperature of 105 degrees.

Who is Brian Laugeson?

Brian Laugeson is the father of two children. As per media reports, he is divorced. According to the police complaint, Laugeson had custody of his children during the weekend. The kids were there when he was reported missing, despite the fact that they were with him. Police officials followed the location of his cell phone to find him and the kids.

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According to the police report, the two kids, ages 3 and 4, were discovered naked and clearly unwell from the heat, with one of them having a seizure. To receive medical care, Laugeson, and the kids were transferred to the hospital. As stated in the arrest record, a court-ordered blood test later confirmed Laugeson had used illegal drugs.

Brian Laugeson has been accused of two counts of first-degree child abuse or neglect with significant bodily harm as a result of the incident and the state in which the kids were discovered.

He was unconscious when the police report was made, and his kids were being treated in hospitals for ailments brought on by the heat. As of Tuesday, CNN contacted St. Rose Dominican Hospital to inquire about the children’s health, but they did not immediately respond.

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According to court documents, Laugeson is not currently represented by a lawyer. He has a pretrial custody hearing scheduled for Wednesday, per the Clark County court docket.