A youth pastor named Daniel Mayfield has been arrested and indicted for allegedly filming several women and girls while they showered or used the restroom.

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Who is Daniel Mayfield?

Daniel Mayfield is 35 years old. He is serving as youth pastor since 2016 at Gowensville Baptist Church. He was arrested and charged with five counts of first-degree sexual exploitation of a minor and one count of voyeurism last week, as reported by Fox News.

According to media outlets, Mayfield has confessed to recording a woman while she was taking a shower at her mother’s residence on May 27. The police report said the woman and her sister found Mayfield alone in the backyard. 

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Police authorities found around five more victims after going through his phone during the investigation. The officials also said some of the victims were filmed in the church’s restroom.

Isabella Godfry, a member of the church reacting to the incident said, “You would never think someone you know — that’s like a family, because that’s what our church is, it’s like a family — you would never think something so devastating would happen in that little circle of people.”

Daniel Mayfield was fired after his arrest, as confirmed by First Baptist Gowensville. He will be appearing in court within 30 days and he has been denied bond, as per media reports.

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The church also released a statement, “On May 27, 2023, First Baptist Gowensville leadership was made aware of an incident of moral misconduct perpetrated by one of our staff members.”

“Proper authorities were notified immediately, and the employee was terminated from his role. Due to the nature of the investigation, FBC Gowensville refers all questions to the law enforcement authorities involved.”

“We remain dedicated to providing a safe worship environment and will be ever vigilant in protecting all persons involved in any of our events,” the statement added.