Dr. Sarah Najamuddin Syed, a mental health provider in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, faces criticism for promoting age-old antisemitic blood libels accusing Jews of organ theft.

Who is Dr. Sarah Najamuddin Syed?

Dr. Sarah Syed (x/@stopantisemites)

Alarming reports have emerged regarding Dr. Sarah Najamuddin Syed, a mental health provider in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, accused of perpetuating antisemitic blood libels. The organization StopAntisemitism has raised concerns about Syed openly accusing the Jewish nation of stealing organs from Palestinians, relying on Gaza media, specifically Hamas, as her source.

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This revelation comes amid a broader context of rising antisemitism, with American University facing a federal civil rights complaint for alleged discrimination against Jewish students. The Brandeis Center for Human Rights filed the complaint, citing instances of persistent anti-Semitic rhetoric and conduct on AU’s campus.

The complaint outlines disturbing incidents, including an AU professor who reportedly praised anti-Israel protests and displayed photos of such events in class. One image depicted a Star of David in a trash can with the caption “Keep the world clean.” The professor allegedly stared at a Jewish student, leading to their emotional distress.

Moreover, the complaint details episodes where Jewish students faced harassment and disciplinary actions for documenting the tearing down of Israeli hostage posters. Instead of addressing the reported antisemitism, the university allegedly initiated probes against the victims.

American University’s response includes a commitment to combating antisemitism and ensuring the safety of Jewish students. However, the allegations raise concerns about the handling of these issues on the campus.

This situation underscores the need for vigilant efforts against antisemitism, urging institutions to address such matters promptly and provide consistent support to affected communities.

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For comments and inquiries, the Department of Education is yet to provide a response as investigations into similar claims against various universities across the nation continue.