A California deputy has been accused of body-slamming a teenage girl while trying to break up a fight at Victor Valley High School on Friday, nearly knocking her unconscious.

Who is Faith Jeffers?

The girl was identified as Faith Jeffers by her mother Priscilla Jeffers. Priscilla said that her daughter suffered traumatic injuries to her head and spine and was hospitalized after the encounter with a deputy. According to the footage of the incident, posted on Instagram, the unidentified deputy, wearing a police uniform, hoisted the 16-year-old girl into the air, and aggressively threw her to the ground. Her body went limp and people in the surrounding area rushed to her aid, including a photographer. The girl seemed to be barely conscious at the time.

Priscilla told the Daily Press on Saturday that her daughter has a long recovery ahead of her. She also said that she plans to take legal action against the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

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The sheriff’s department, however, has claimed that the deputy was the victim during the melee. It all started when Victorville Police Department deputies were called to squash a fight at Victor Valley High School. Initially, the deputies tried to disperse the rowdy group by firing pepper balls at them, but they failed.

That is when the crowd converged on the deputies and the girl tried to seize the pepper ball launcher. According to the police, that’s when “the deputy pulled the female away causing her to land on the ground.” However, the video happens to contradict the police statement.

During the confrontation, deputies said, a 16-year-old boy allegedly punched one of the deputies in the face. Deputies took the 16-year-old boy into custody. He was booked into a juvenile home.

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The matter is currently being reviewed by the district attorney to determine if charges are warranted against the boy and the girl.