An escape has unfolded in the Holmesburg section of Philadelphia as law enforcement desperately chases after escaped inmate Gino Hagenkotter. The 34-year-old managed to break free from the Riverside Correctional Facility during a work detail, sending the city into a state of high alert.

Commissioner Blanche Carney disclosed that Hagenkotter took advantage of a restroom break during an orchard work assignment, part of a good behavior program. Surveillance footage captured him climbing over a prison fence at 11:48 a.m., shedding clothing as he made his getaway. Despite authorities swiftly initiating a perimeter and lockdowns in all Philadelphia prison facilities, Hagenkotter managed to evade initial capture.

Who is Gino Hagenkotter?

Facing charges of theft and burglary, Hagenkotter was scheduled for release into a transitional program. However, a Bucks County matter, potentially linked to retail theft, led to his release being postponed until April. The frustration of this delay likely served as motivation for his daring escape. Although not known for violence, Hagenkotter’s evasion poses a potential risk to public safety.

Hagenkotter’s escape echoes previous incidents on the prison’s State Road campus, with Ameen Hurst and Nasir Grant in May and Danelo Cavelcante in September leading authorities on extensive manhunts. Urging residents to remain vigilant, law enforcement is actively seeking information to ensure the swift and safe capture of Gino Hagenkotter.