In connection with the alleged killing of 13-year-old Karon Blake outside his home earlier this month, police in Washington, D.C., have charged Jason Lewis with second-degree murder while armed.

Who is Jason Lewis?

Born in 1982, Jason Lewis is a Washington, D.C., employee charged with the second-degree murder of Karon Blake. Blake was shot and killed after an alleged run-in with Lewis, who allegedly saw Blake “tampering with” cars just before 4 a.m. on January 7, 2023.

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Even at a public event where a police officer was present, the family of Blake has been urging for criminal charges to be brought in the case. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia and the police were collaborating, according to the authorities, who only stated that the investigation was ongoing.

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If found guilty, the required minimum punishment for second-degree murder committed while carrying a gun is 10 years, in addition to the standard second-degree murder sentence.

Muriel Bowser, the mayor of Washington, D.C., stated that Lewis worked for the city of Washington but did not indicate in which department.

Despite being mayor since 2015, Bowser claimed that she did not directly know the individual but noted that he did not hold a position in the public sector. He was a long-time government employee, according to her. She mentioned during her speech that the body-worn camera recording of the police officer’s response would not be made public while the investigation is ongoing.

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On January 11, Bowser declared, “It’s a terrible scenario.” “And a 13-year-old died, but we don’t have all the information, so those in charge of gathering information and deciding whether to charge are working as quickly as they can. We are in a very difficult situation right now, but it is also the location where decisions must be made.”

According to the authorities, Lewis’ gun was registered. Blake’s grandfather, Sean Long, said on January 13 on ABC News that the shooter should have dialed 911 rather than enforcing the law on his own.