A Brooklyn man went on the run after murdering two neighbors upstairs in response to noise complaints and was captured early on Wednesday by NYPD officers. According to reports inside the department, the suspect was shot by the police during the apprehension.

The man has been identified as Jason Pass.

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Who was Jason Pass? 

Jason Pass was 47 years old. He had been avoiding capture since Sunday night, when a video showed him shooting and killing Bladimy Mathurin, 47, and Mathurin’s stepson, 27, in the hallway of their Flatbush Gardens apartment complex.

Police found Pass on Bay 44th St. in Bath Beach, Brooklyn, on Wednesday at 7:15 a.m. Pass was carrying a knife when he was shot, a police source said, as the officers tried to take him down. He was taken to a nearby hospital after suffering injuries.

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Former state correctional officer Pass often lodged with his aging mother in the apartment just below Mathurin’s East Flatbush fourth-floor home on Brooklyn Ave. Police report that Pass had persistently complained about the noise from the family living above.

A longstanding disagreement was corroborated by a lady claiming to be Pass’s older sister, who claimed that Mathurin and his family had threatened her mother and brother in the past. She said that Pass went upstairs the night of the event just to talk about the loud noise, which included furniture moving and jumping. She argues that the gunshot was a defensive move.

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A manhunt was launched against Pass in connection with the killing of the residents of the apartment above. Through the security film that captured the entire shooting, police were able to identify him.

According to police sources, Pass, who was apparently a former law enforcement officer, suddenly charged at the policemen while brandishing a knife.