Massachusetts native Dr. Jill Stein formally declared her campaign for president on Thursday. Her goal in standing as a Green Party candidate is to contest the two-party system that is now in place, which she believes has flaws.

On her campaign website, Stein outlines her platform, which includes funding from taxpayers for the Green New Deal’s implementation, advocating for the elimination of student debt, and proposing an “economic bill of rights” that would guarantee Americans access to housing, healthcare, and a living wage.

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In her presidential launch video, Stein highlights that she thinks both Republicans and Democrats are enemies of democracy and that Americans need a party that is committed to “serving the people.”

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After she made the headlines with the announcement, several people were interested in her personal life. She is married to Richard Rohrer.

Who is Richard Rohrer?

Richard Rohrer is the husband of Jill Stein. In addition to being a dedicated family man, Dr. Rohrer is a practicing physician who lives in Lexington, Massachusetts. He has two sons with Jill Stein, his wife.

Rohrer received his medical degree from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, completed his residency at Boston City Hospital, and is board-certified in both internal medicine and pediatrics. He offers his community in Lexington more than two decades of medical experience.

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He has a strong commitment to social justice and environmental preservation in addition to his medical career. He is involved in several organizations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics Council on Environmental Health and Physicians for Social Responsibility. Additionally, Rohrer has endorsed initiatives supporting single-payer healthcare and universal healthcare.

He is committed to making a positive impact in the world, as evidenced by his involvement in his wife’s political initiatives in addition to his medical endeavors. His steadfast dedication to his advocacy work and career demonstrates his desire for a brighter future.