Dana Hyde, a former White House executive, who served in the Clinton and Obama administrations, and counsel to the 9/11 Commission, died after a private jet, she was traveling in, was hit by severe turbulence. Her husband and one of their sons were traveling on the same flight, which was carrying five passengers in total but they were unharmed.

The flight was flying from Keene, New Hampshire, to Leesburg, Virginia on Friday, March 3, when the incident took place. Hyde was injured after the plane was hit with a heavy bout of turbulence. An emergency landing took place at Bradley International Airport. An ambulance was waiting and she was rushed to Saint Francis Medical Center in Hartford where she was pronounced dead.

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Who is Jonathan Chambers?

Jonathan Chambers is a partner at Conexon, which is a company in Kansas that owns the plane. The company specializes in setting up high-speed internet service to rural communities. Chambers earned a BA in Economics from Yale University in 1982, and a Masters from Colombia University in 1987. He also has a JD from Georgetown University Law Center in 1996.

He has spent seven years campaigning for access to fiber optic Internet service through Conexon. “Any home in the country that has electricity should have fiber optic Internet service. That’s not just the future; with our partner companies, it’s the present. If you live in an area without Gigabit speeds, it’s time to build,” he writes.

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On Monday, after the incident, Chambers sent an email to Conexon employees and clients, where he gave more details on the situation.

“We were returning home when the plane suddenly convulsed in a manner that violently threw the three of us,” he wrote. “My wife was badly injured. The pilots made an emergency landing. An ambulance was waiting. Dana was taken to a hospital, but the injuries were too severe and she died that night,” he said. “Dana was the best person I ever knew. She was a wonderful mother to our boys and she was accomplished professionally. She loved and was beloved.”