A man from San Francisco who had previously served time in prison for child molestation was taken into custody after he camped out next to a school and put up signs promoting “free fentanyl for new users.” Authorities in the city tried to get him moved, but he escaped.

The man identified as Joseph Adam Moore was told by San Francisco police to leave the area of Ninth Avenue and Geary Boulevard at 12:15 p.m. on Friday. Moore had taken down his “free fentanyl” sign, but he refused to abide by the directive. He has spent almost two years living across from the Stella Maris Academy K–8 Catholic school.

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Who is Joseph Adam Moore?

Joseph Adam Moore is 46 years old. In the Richmond District of San Francisco, Joseph Adam Moore, a registered sexual offender, set up camp across from a Catholic elementary school more than two years ago. 

On Thursday, though, it was his signs offering free drugs that spurred the authorities to intervene. Concerned citizens flocked to the scene after seeing the article in the San Francisco Standard. This led to a tense confrontation in which Moore was allegedly hit in the face by a school parent.

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Ever since Moore posted signs offering drugs, numerous times a day, police have been called to his encampment. Lt. Wayman Young warned him that he would be charged as a nuisance under PC 370, a misdemeanor, and released at the scene if he didn’t remove his possessions by 12:15 p.m.

Moore moved his possessions a short distance away just before the Department of Public Works was going to take them away, eluding the city’s attempts to get him out of the neighborhood of the school.

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However, Lt. Young confirmed that Moore was later taken into custody for an ongoing probation violation. In addition, Moore was placed on probation for breaking a stay-away order, according to Richmond police station captain Chris Canning.