Justin Karlin, a surgeon at UCLA Health, called Palestinians ‘inbred’.

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Who is Justin Karlin?

Specializing in orbital, lacrimal, and oculofacial plastic surgery, Dr. Karlin brings a wealth of expertise to his practice. His journey in the medical field commenced with ophthalmology training at the University of Virginia, a foundational period that laid the groundwork for his subsequent specialization.

Elevating his skills further, Dr. Karlin undertook the esteemed David and Randi Fett Orbital and Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery Fellowship at the UCLA Stein Eye and Doheny Eye Institutes. This fellowship, known for its rigor and selectivity, provided him with an immersive experience in dealing with intricate orbital and ophthalmic cases.

Dr. Karlin is at the forefront of pioneering research, channeling his efforts into harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to enhance the precision of diagnosing orbital diseases. This innovative approach reflects his commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology for the betterment of patient care. Additionally, his interests extend to medical device design, earning him recognition through an invitation to the exclusive UCLA Faculty Innovation Fellowship program in 2021.

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Beyond his clinical and research endeavors, Dr. Karlin is deeply dedicated to education. His teaching skills have garnered accolades, including the University of Virginia School of Medicine Resident Teaching Award in 2018 and the UCLA Department of Ophthalmology Fellow Teaching Award in 2019. These honors underscore his commitment to imparting knowledge and nurturing the next generation of medical professionals.