In an incident at Hillcrest High School in Queens, New York, a teacher found herself at the center of a violent uproar when hundreds of students went on a rampage for nearly two hours.

The chaotic scene unfolded following the revelation that the teacher had attended a pro-Israel rally, sparking a pre-planned protest over her public support for Israel displayed in a Facebook profile photo.

Who is Karen Marder?

According to several reports, the teacher has been identified as Karen Marder. She has been teaching at Hillcrest High School for the last seven years as a Health teacher.

The unruly mob, consisting of students who organized through group chats, flooded the hallways, chanting slogans, jumping, shouting, and waving Palestinian flags. Their primary demand was the dismissal of the teacher who had expressed solidarity with Israel. Despite attempts by school staff to block their entry, many students tried to force their way into the teacher’s classroom.

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School administrators and the NYPD intervened just in time, rushing the terrified teacher into a locked office and securing the door. Students recorded the chaos, posting videos on TikTok that depicted the mayhem, with some even set to pulsing Arabian music.

The hostility extended beyond the school premises as students allegedly obtained the teacher’s personal information, including her address and phone number. Reports suggested that some students followed and spat on her, although this was disputed by other sources. The teacher was safely escorted out of the building by the police.

In her statement to The Post, the teacher, who has dedicated 23 years to the New York City public school system, expressed profound shock at the calls for violence against her. She emphasized the importance of creating a safe learning community and fostering respectful discussions on challenging topics.

This alarming incident highlights the broader issue of rising antisemitism in schools, adding to recent concerns following a citywide walkout by some 700 NYC high school students in support of Palestine.

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The incident underscores the challenges educators face when expressing personal views and the need for proactive measures to promote tolerance and respectful dialogue within educational institutions. It also raises questions about the impact of geopolitical conflicts on student behavior and the role of schools in addressing such issues.