Kelly Ann Schutte, a 35-year-old guidance counselor from Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, is facing charges of institutional sexual assault, corruption of minors, and indecent assault involving a person less than a specified age.

The accusations surfaced after an investigation was initiated on July 18, 2023, prompted by a woman reporting her 14-year-old son’s involvement in a romantic and sexual relationship with Schutte, a counselor at Pennridge South Middle School.

Who is Kelly Ann Schutte?

Kelly Ann Schutte’s identity has been thrust into the spotlight as allegations of inappropriate conduct emerged. As a guidance counselor at Pennridge South Middle School, Schutte played a crucial role in the lives of students. However, recent events have raised questions about her actions and the potential breach of trust with a student under her care.

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The investigation, sparked by the teen’s parents discovering him at Schutte’s home on the night of July 17, unveiled disturbing details. The criminal complaint outlines the teen’s panicked call to his parents and his subsequent revelation of a romantic and sexual relationship with Schutte. The allegations suggest that this relationship had been ongoing since the fall of 2022, involving repeated sexual contact across Bucks and Montgomery counties in June and July of 2023.

The teen disclosed that communication between him and Schutte occurred through the school district’s messaging app “Canvas” and the social media app Snapchat. Police found messages, pictures, and handwritten notes on the teen’s cellphone, corroborating his statements. Surveillance footage also captured Schutte and the teen together at various locations.

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Charges were officially filed against Schutte, leading to her arraignment on Friday. In response to the allegations, Pennridge School District Superintendent Angelo Berrios III addressed the school community. The district took immediate action, placing Schutte on administrative leave, prohibiting her from entering school premises or having any contact with students and staff. The district is actively cooperating with the District Attorney’s Office in their ongoing investigation.