Following Representative Kevin McCarthy’s historic expulsion from office, three weeks of uncertainty came to an end on Wednesday when Republican Representative Mike Johnson of Louisiana was elected House Speaker.

Johnson received the endorsement of every one of the 220 Republicans present, more than the necessary 215 votes. The 209 Democrats in attendance, however, cast their votes for their party’s leader in the House, Representative Hakeem Jeffries.

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Rep. Tom Emmer, whose campaign for speaker of the house lasted only four hours, was replaced by Johnson, the fourth Republican nominee in as many weeks. Representatives Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise withdrew their candidacy earlier in the process because they were unable to bring the party together.

Johnson, a member of Congress since 2017, offered a strategy for approving government budget measures earlier in the week that garnered support, especially from McCarthy’s detractors. Despite this, he lacks experience as a House leader. His broad support in the Republican conference demonstrated a shared desire to put the contentious speaker dispute behind us and get back to work on House business.

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Who is Kelly Lary?

Mike Johnson is married to Kelly Lary, a former educator, presenter on family-related topics, and licensed pastoral counselor. The pair has four kids together. 

Kelly is a devout Christian who actively participates in her church and passionately advocates for the welfare of families and kids. She has expressed her views on a variety of subjects, stressing the importance of parental rights, family values, and advancements in education.

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Kelly plays a vital part in Mike’s professional pursuits in addition to her activities at home. Her modeling for their children and her love and support as a spouse are priceless. She is also regarded as a respected leader in the community.