Cleveland police say they’re investigating the disappearance of a 15-year-old boy as a possible abduction.

Police issued an Amber Alert just after 2 p.m. Saturday for Keshaun Williams.

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Williams was first listed as missing by the Cleveland Division of Police early on Saturday. On June 20, Williams—also known as Kee—was reported missing.

Sherice Snowden, the mother of missing Williams, spoke with FOX 8 on Saturday afternoon.

Snowden confessed, “I’m anxious, I’m fragile, I’m frantic.” “My child has never spent this much time away from me or from home before. Not knowing where my child is is difficult. without knowing if he’s being held or if he’s in danger.

Williams reportedly first vanished on June 17 after going to a house party on Gertrude Avenue, according to Snowden. She claims that while they were at Washington Park, his position was detected, but his phone’s SIM card was removed. Later, according to police, he might have been abducted on June 23.

Keshaun never skips church on a Sunday, according to Snowden. “He regularly attends boxing practice. He loves to eat, thus he always returns home to eat. He would have called me, texted me, etc.”

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According to the police, detectives thought Keshaun might have been riding in a black Jeep SUV with unknown passengers.

On Saturday afternoon, Cleveland police published images of the potential car. The passenger side window of the Jeep was damaged and covered in plastic, and it had temporary tags.

His mother said, “This child is very loved, very loved, and we are not letting up. And I want you to know that if you see this, my son, I’m not upset with you. I’m going to give you a big hug and hold you close when I see you. You must return home, please. Please, Keshaun, don’t be alarmed if you see this. I’ll tell you straight up: I just want you home.”