A 22-year-old gang member has been detained on Wednesday in connection with the shooting that happened at a Lil Baby concert at FedExForum earlier this month.

The man has been identified as Kevin Young.

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Who is Kevin Young?

Kevin Young is 22 years old. He is a member of the Rich and Ruthless Gang and was taken into custody in Memphis on Sept. 27, 2023. 

According to law enforcement sources, Kevin Young is accused of several offenses, including reckless endangerment with a lethal weapon, unlawful possession of a weapon, and possession of a criminal weapon.

The event took place on September 7, as Lil Baby was performing at FedExForum. Rapper CEO Jizzle was shot in the abdomen, but the injury was not life-threatening. According to the authorities, the victim was intentionally targeted in the shooting, which was done on purpose. The show was abruptly canceled as a result of the panic that the gunfire caused among the audience.

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Lil Baby, whose actual name is Dominique Armani Jones, assured followers on platform X (formerly known as Twitter) the day following the shooting event that refunds would be given for the postponed performance.

The following guns and other materials were found during Young’s arrest on Duncanshire Road in the Woodchase neighborhood on Wednesday, Glock 19, Glock 19 with an extended magazine, Tan Glock 19 with an extended magazine, Del-Ton DTI-15 rifle with a 100-round drum magazine, a large bag of marijuana weighing 400.4 grams and a smaller bag weighing 10.8 grams, Numerous rifle and pistol magazines, as well as ammunition.

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Two more people, Truquez Boyd, 25, and Kylon Cowan, 23, were detained at the house during the raid. However, according to the police report, they were not charged in relation to the shooting event. According to authorities, Boyd and Cowan are both accused of having illegal weapons, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia in their possession.

Young has a criminal history; he was detained twice, once in 2019 for aggravated assault and once in 2017 for first-degree murder.