South Dakota governor Kristi Noem and Trump adviser Corey Lewandowski have allegedly been dating for a long time, as reported by Daily Mail.

They met on Friday of last week when Lewandowski traveled with Trump to Rapid City, South Dakota, for a political rally. The couple was mindful to avoid any public interaction, in contrast to past instances, however, after learning that a story about their relationship was being prepared.

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The incumbent governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, a four-term member of the state’s congressional delegation in the US House of Representatives, was elected in 2018 on a platform of maintaining the cherished family values that she said South Dakotans had long defended.

However, the rumors of dating may undermine her values. According to reports from a number of media publications, Noem and Lewandowski started dating in 2019, if not sooner.

However, Kristi Noem has been married to Bryon Noem since 1992. On the other hand, Corey Lewandowski is married to Alison Lewandowski.

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Who is Bryon Noem?

Bryon Noem became the first First Gentleman of South Dakota on January 5, 2019, after his wife, Governor Kristi Noem, was sworn in as the state’s 33rd governor.

Bryon developed a strong love for small-town life while growing up on a farm close to Bryant, South Dakota. He earned a degree in business and finance from Northern State University. After graduating from college, he worked on the family farm, led basketball teams, and eventually entered the insurance business.

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Bryon and Kristi have undertaken a number of projects, such as running a farm and ranch, opening an ice cream parlor, helping to run a family restaurant, and exploring other commercial endeavors. The couple has three children, Kennedy, Booker, and Kassidy (recently married to Kyle).

Currently, he oversees an insurance company in Bryant and Watertown and works as a basketball coach for the Chargers.