The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has initiated an administrative review of an incident that occurred at the intersection of Plaza Gate Lane and Trafalgar Square in Jacksonville on Friday. The incident gained attention after a video, recorded by Ruby Anderson and her husband, surfaced on social media. The video captures a portion of the incident, but the full context remains unclear as the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) has not provided additional information, citing an ongoing investigation.

According to Anderson, she and her husband were on their way to a convenience store when they noticed a police officer passing them rapidly and turning onto a side street. They decided to investigate, believing something serious might be happening.

Who is Le’Keian Woods?

The video shows officers surrounding 24-year-old Le’Keian Woods on the ground next to a black Toyota Camry, confirmed by his mother, Natassia Woods. Natassia Woods expressed shock and concern about the level of force used, stating that her son had been severely beaten.

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The video begins with a JSO vehicle pulling up behind the Camry, and an officer exiting the vehicle. As the officer approaches, other officers are seen holding Woods down. According to Woods’ family, he, his uncle, and a friend were pulled over for not wearing seatbelts as they were en route to his grandmother’s house. The family asserts that there was no warrant for Woods’ arrest, though he was on probation. Approximately four or five officers are shown in the video restraining Woods, with their knees on him and punches being thrown.

While the family claims that the police assaulted him, the video does not clearly depict how Woods sustained his injuries. However, the footage shows an officer lifting him and slamming him onto the ground. The officers then continue to hold Woods down, with his face lifted slightly off the ground next to the curb, his face visibly covered in blood.

Ruby Anderson, who witnessed the incident, stated that she saw at least six police cars and did not observe any resistance from Woods during the altercation.

After the incident, Woods was taken to UF Health in Jacksonville, where he received treatment for facial lacerations and bruises. According to his family, he is coherent. Subsequently, he was released from the hospital and is currently in custody at Duval County Jail, facing charges including armed drug trafficking, possession of a controlled substance, resisting an officer with violence, and violation of probation, among others.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office issued a statement, expressing seriousness in investigating allegations of inappropriate use of force by its officers. They have initiated an administrative review to determine whether the involved officers violated any JSO policies. Due to the ongoing investigation, further comments regarding the incident have been withheld until the investigation concludes.

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Natassia Woods, Le’Keian’s mother, is seeking justice for her son, emphasizing that the situation was mishandled and could have been fatal.

The Jacksonville Community Action Committee organized a rally for Woods on Bay Street in Downtown Jacksonville, while the Woods family retained Civil Rights Attorney Harry Daniels, who plans to hold a news conference about the arrest on Tuesday.

Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters addressed the arrest during a crime walk, emphasizing that all allegations of excessive force are taken seriously, and any decisions made by the agency will be based on the facts of the case.