In the current job market, where degrees were once a ticket to professional success, many find themselves in a paradoxical struggle. Lohanny Santos, a Gen Z job seeker armed with two degrees, encapsulates this modern-day conundrum. Despite her impressive educational background and diverse work experience, Lohanny has found it challenging to secure a job, a plight that gained widespread attention through a viral video.

Who is Lohanny Santos?

Lohanny’s journey into the professional world began at Pace University, where she pursued and completed a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies from September 2016 to May 2020. This period of academic endeavor was not just about acquiring theoretical knowledge; it was a time when Lohanny honed her skills, understanding the intricacies of communication, a field pivotal in today’s digitally driven world.

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Parallel to her academic pursuits, Lohanny ventured into the professional arena, embracing roles that would build her portfolio and skill set. From August 2018 to May 2020, she was fully engaged with Pace University’s Housing and Residential Life, a role that likely demanded exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills, critical in managing residential life logistics and fostering community among students.

Her desire to explore the practical applications of her study field led her to Stonestreet Studios Inc., where she served as a Teaching Assistant from September to December 2019. This role, situated in the heart of New York, provided her with a unique vantage point to observe and participate in the operational aspects of media production, an invaluable experience for anyone looking to make a mark in the media industry.

The journey through internships continued as Lohanny took up the position of an agent’s assistant at the Carson Kolker Organization from May to August 2017. Here, she was tasked with responsibilities that are crucial in the backbone operations of any agency, such as scheduling meetings, directing phone calls, and updating client profiles. Skills in communication and organization were not just enhanced but put to rigorous practical use.

Beyond the confines of internships and academia, Lohanny ventured into the realm of professional employment with Stewart Talent, where she has been working since August 2020. In her role, she has demonstrated a wide array of skills, from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Social Media Marketing, skills that are highly sought after in the contemporary job market. Her profile also boasts of over seven additional skills, marking her as a well-rounded candidate for a variety of roles.

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However, despite this impressive portfolio of education and experience, Lohanny Santos finds herself in a challenging position, emblematic of a broader issue facing many young professionals today. Her struggle to find a job, even with two degrees and a diverse set of experiences, highlights a disconnect between the traditional expectations of educational and professional success and the realities of the current job market. It raises important questions about the value of higher education in a world where job seekers outnumber available positions, and the skills acquired through degrees do not guarantee job security.

Lohanny’s story, amplified by a viral video, is not just her own but reflects a generational challenge. It speaks to the anxieties and uncertainties of many in Gen Z, navigating a job market that is increasingly competitive, unpredictable, and demanding.