In a recent social media post, Luana Torres, a young model from Duluth, GA, has sparked controversy by filming herself tearing down posters depicting hostages held by terrorists in Gaza. The video, shared online under the handle “76th and Broadway,” has drawn widespread condemnation for its insensitive and potentially harmful message.

Who is Luana Torres? 

Luana Torres (x/@pingouinheureux)

Torres, who describes herself as a passionate and high-energy individual with a love for creating art, has faced backlash for her actions in the video. Despite her assertion of seeking fame, many have criticized her for displaying ignorance and insensitivity towards a serious and complex issue.

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The video shows Torres gleefully tearing down the posters while remarking, “this is so fun.” Her actions have been labeled as disrespectful and offensive, particularly given the gravity of the situation involving the kidnapped Israeli hostages.

The identification of Torres has further fueled the controversy, with social media users condemning her as a “Jew hater” for her actions. The revelation of her identity has led to widespread condemnation and calls for accountability.

Torres’s background as a model and her involvement in the arts, including dance, singing, and acting, has added to the scrutiny surrounding her actions. Many have questioned how someone with a background in the arts could display such a lack of empathy and understanding.

Despite the outrage, there have been calls for caution in responding to Torres’s actions. While her behavior is undeniably concerning, some have cautioned against further amplifying her message by giving her undue attention or fame.

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While Luana Torres’s video may have initially sought attention, it has instead sparked widespread condemnation and calls for accountability. As the backlash continues, it remains to be seen how Torres will respond and whether she will take responsibility for her actions.