Mark Paoletta, an American attorney, has come forward to defend Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Since he joined the Supreme Court in 1991, Justice Clarence Thomas is alleged to have accepted lavish vacations totaling millions of dollars, according to ProPublica.

Paoletta who is also a friend of Clarence Thomas, was also spotted multiple times with Justice on these trips.

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Who is Mark Paoletta?

Mark Paoletta is an American attorney known for his roles in high-level government positions. From January 8, 2018, to January 20, 2021, he was the Office of Management and Budget’s general counsel. Prior to that, from January 20, 2017, to January 5, 2018, he served as Vice President Mike Pence’s chief attorney and assistant.

Paoletta specializes in defending clients before congressional committees. He spoke on behalf of Ginni Thomas, a conservative activist and the wife of US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in her encounters with the US House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack. Ginni and Clarence Thomas are good friends of Paoletta.

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Paoletta began his professional career as the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Chief Counsel for Oversight and Investigations, a position he held from September 1997 to January 2007.

During his time in this post, Paoletta was in charge of managing over 200 hearings for investigations. Congressman Joe Barton (R-Texas), who was the Ranking Member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, emphasized his work in a thorough report that was published in February 2007.

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The U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee, which was entrusted with looking into voting irregularities that took place on August 2, 2007, selected Paoletta to serve as outside counsel in November 2007.

Paoletta served as the President’s Assistant Counsel during the George H. W. Bush administration, where he was instrumental in ensuring Clarence Thomas’ successful confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court.