In the latest episode of an ongoing saga, 65-year-old Michael Arnold, a retired merchant marine and pilot, has been arrested for the third time in four months, facing charges of criminal contempt and stalking in connection to an alleged stalking incident on January 12. The Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office reported that Arnold, in violation of an order of protection, trailed a woman in a maroon car, stopping briefly before driving away.

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Who is Michael Arnold?
Arnold gained notoriety in October when he was arrested three times for flying his single-engine plane over the home of 42-year-old Cassie Wilusz. During the investigation, law enforcement discovered a fake Facebook account allegedly used by Arnold to harass and threaten Wilusz’s daughter. Despite multiple charges, he was released on bail after each arrest in October.

The latest arrest comes as Arnold was held without bail, facing criminal contempt and stalking charges related to the recent incident. The Saratoga County Jail now detains him.

Wilusz, owner of Revolution Cafe in Schuylerville, has been living in fear since Arnold’s alleged campaign of harassment began in November 2019, triggered by her rejection of his advances. Arnold’s actions escalated, with him allegedly circling her home in his plane several times a week and following her in his car.

In October, Schuylerville Mayor Dan Carpenter expressed concerns about Arnold’s mental stability, fearing potential escalation. Arnold’s actions, including flying a plane over Wilusz’s house while her husband was dying of colon cancer, raised alarms about the safety of the small residential community.

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This latest arrest underscores the persistent threat Arnold poses, and questions loom regarding the legal consequences and community safety measures. As the legal proceedings unfold, Wilusz and her community grapple with the unsettling reality of a serial stalker with a penchant for airborne harassment.