Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy announced on Wednesday that Michael Manuel Jackson-Bolanos, a 28-year-old Detroit resident, has been charged in connection with the killing of Samantha Woll, a leader in a Detroit synagogue.

Who is Michael Manuel Jackson-Bolanos?

Jackson-Bolanos faces charges of felony murder during a first-degree home invasion and is believed to have acted alone.

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According to Worthy, the suspect was not acquainted with Woll. Allegedly, he entered her Lafayette Park residence and fatally stabbed her multiple times using a “straight edge cutting instrument.” Woll, aged 40, was discovered dead by a neighbor outside another resident’s apartment, surrounded by a pool of blood. A trail of blood led detectives to Woll’s home in the 1360 block of Joliet Place.

Contrary to previous statements by the Detroit police indicating no signs of forced entry, Worthy revealed that Woll’s front door “was ajar and unlocked, and a significant amount of blood was inside.”

In addition to the felony murder charge, Jackson-Bolanos faces charges of home invasion and providing false information to police officers. He allegedly lied to detectives about theft and attempted theft of motor vehicles on the same day Woll was found dead.

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Detroit Police Chief James White disclosed that Jackson-Bolanos had come to the attention of the police within the last three weeks due to suspected criminal activity in the area. His actions raised curiosity, and he was linked to several larcenies, leading to his questioning by the police. Worthy described Woll’s death as “extraordinarily sad and tragic,” leaving the Detroit community and local faith groups bewildered since the incident occurred.