A young man from Massachusetts, appeared before a judge on Thursday to respond to allegations of the shooting death of a basketball player at Salem State University.

The event happened on Wednesday just before 1:30 a.m. near 22 Forest Ave., which is close to the university and the intersection of Lussier Street, claimed the life of Carl-Hens Beliard, 18, of Worcester.

The man has been identified as Missael Pena Canela.

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Who is Missael Pena Canela?

Missael Pena Canela is 18 years old. He is a resident of Salem and was indicted in Salem District Court and held without bail.

The prosecution claimed that at the time of the incident, Pena Canela was having an irregular relationship with a woman who was traveling with Beliard. Paul Tucker, the district attorney, acknowledged the intricacy of the case while praising the detectives’ quick work in bringing an arrest.

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John Keenan, president of Salem State University, conveyed the campus community’s and Carl’s loved ones’ combined grief. He also underlined the community’s relief at the prompt approximation, expressing the hope that this will provide some comfort to Carl’s friends and family.

Beliard attended North High School in Worcester and graduated as a freshman on the basketball team at Salem State. The men’s basketball team from Salem State stood around a memorial for Beliard, paying their respects and leaving a basketball signed by the player.

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The basketball team of North High School was led by Beliard to victory in the Division 1 state title in March. Since it was the first time a public school team had won a Division 1 state championship, this accomplishment was significant for the city.

Al Pettway, the head boys basketball coach at North High, reflected on the character of Beliard and offered pleasant recollections of him. Beliard, according to him, was an intelligent student with a smile that could brighten any space.