A University of Northern Colorado graduate is being severely criticized on social media for allegedly posting antisemitic comments.

The man has been identified as Mohammed Ahmad. He received backlash from several people after his actions were highlighted on social media. He came under fire on social media for allegedly sharing antisemitic content and making a hateful remark about Jews.

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Who is Mohammed Ahmad?

Mohammed Ahmad is reportedly a theater arts graduate from the University of Northern Colorado. He was criticized on social media for allegedly making a hateful comment on Jews and posting antisemitic posts. His actions came under scrutiny and garnered backlash from various individuals after being spotlighted on social media.

In a post, he wrote, “I WILL celebrate the deaths of occupying colonizers.” After his comment went viral on social media, he was severely criticized.

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Several social media users slammed him on the platform after his actions were highlighted. One X user wrote, “Perhaps the university should teach its students history so they don’t mix their raging antisemitism with misinformation and misunderstanding of history. Also, can someone tell this nut job that’s he’s the actual colonizer. Why are all antisemites so stupid.”

“Teach your students that those that spew anti semitism have few job offers” another user wrote.

One X user tweeted, “Keep clean @UNC_Colorado from na卐is. Please, throw out Mohammed Ahmad, an antisemitic theater arts grad.” Several people demanded his termination from the University.

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The October 7 massacre and the ongoing confrontation between Hamas and Israel have resulted in a noteworthy spike in anti-Semitic incidents and hate crimes against Jews, both abroad and in the United States.

According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), in the two weeks following the start of the Middle East crisis—which was caused by a Hamas attack on Israel—anti-Semitic occurrences in the US rose by more than 400%.