A dentist from Vancouver going by the name “Nikka A” has come under heavy criticism after an upsetting episode in which she used derogatory words on Instagram. 

The dentist allegedly called Jews “rats,” described them as “conniving,” and made the controversial theory that Israel was behind the September 11 attacks. The offensive remarks have caused a great deal of unhappiness, particularly in view of concerns about her conduct as a professional and her interactions with Jewish patients.

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Nikki A (x/@stopantisemites)

The dispute was marred by a Canadian police investigation of a homicidal act against International Delicatessen Foods, a Jewish-owned delicatessen located in Toronto. The establishment became the subject of arson, leading to the spray-painted words “Free Palestine” on its entrances. Even though there haven’t been any injuries reported, the incident has raised concerns about the rise in antisemitic incidents.

Pauline Gray, the superintendent of staff for the Toronto Police Department, strongly denounced the conflagration and stressed that it was an illegal type of protest. Declaring the event to be “criminal, violent, organized, and targeted,” Gray promised to use all of his resources to carry out an inquiry and find the people involved.

This event takes place against the backdrop of a significant increase in hate crimes in Toronto that have persisted since the beginning of the conflict between Hamas and Israel. The ongoing hostilities have created a climate that is favorable to a rise in hate crimes, particularly antisemitic ones.

Toronto’s Mayor Olivia Chow declared that such behavior is not permitted in the city and denounced acts of violence, bigotry, and antisemitism on X, the former Twitter. The hate crimes against the Jewish-owned company and the Vancouver dentist incident highlight how critical it is to confront and combat hate crimes in order to promote a safe and secure environment.

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This unsettling event raises questions about the responsibilities and liability of people—especially those in professional roles—regarding their conduct in public and the potential effects on diverse populations.