On Thursday, a Brooklyn woman called Nikki Secondino, 22, was charged with murder and attempted murder in connection with the alleged killing of her father and causing serious injury to her sister in their Brooklyn home.

Following the surprising change of events, Secondino has also been charged with possessing guns. She was being led out of a Brooklyn police station late on Thursday and had injuries on her hands, it appeared.

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Who is Nikki Scendino?

Nikki Secondino is a 22 year old trans woman from New York City. She is also an aspiring model.  

Secondino, was arrested on Thursday night in connection with the attack that resulted in her sister, Liana Secondino, being transported to the hospital in a critical condition and her father, Carlo Secondino, being stabbed to death.

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According to a report in the International Business Times, Secondino first reported to the police that two intruders had attacked her and her family during a break-in.

According to a tweet from CBS reporter Tim McNicholas, Secondino was detained by police after she admitted to lying to them about the house invasion.

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McNicholas tweeted: “At a Brooklyn diner, employees put up a tribute to Carlo Secondino, a delivery driver killed this morning. His daughter [Nikki Secondino]  told police burglars at their home stabbed her, her sister, and Carlo. Now police say that’s false. She is under arrest, facing a murder charge.”

Authorities later reported that the house lacked a safe. They also stated that they think Nikki Secondino made up the break-in to hide her involvement in the assault.

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Reiterating her father’s support of Nikki’s sex change, co-owner of Mike’s Diner, Yadira Gomez, said about Carlo Secondino to Daily News that: “He was there to take care of her [Nikki] after the surgery. He supported her 100 percent. That’s his daughter: ‘Whatever you want to do, I’ll support you.'”