The San Francisco Police Department has made an arrest in the fatal stabbing of CashApp founder Bob Lee. The suspect is Nima Momeni, who also works in the tech industry and knew Lee.

Lee was stabbed on April 4 in a deserted area of downtown San Francisco. It was concluded at the time that it was a targeted attack and not a random one and not a robbery.

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Who is Nima Momeni?

Mission Local reported that the police officers were dispatched to Emeryville with a warrant to arrest Momeni. He went to the University of California, Berkeley. Before that, he also attended Laney College and Vista College.

He is the owner of a company called Expand IT. About his company, he has written in his bio, “A dedicated technology partner since 2005, supporting a variety of client vertical markets in Healthcare, Finance, High Tech/Startup, Technology, Manufacturing, and Service sectors.”

According to his LinkedIn profile, he previously worked as a consultant for Diablo IT and as an IT Admin for Coast Range IT. He started his career as a Software Engineer, working for Marfic. He worked there for 2 years.

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It was reported that Momeni knew the victim and was even seen driving together through downtown San Francisco in a car registered to the suspect earlier on the same day that Lee was stabbed. It is suspected that some sort of confrontation ensued between the two men while they were inside the car and continued even after Lee has exited the vehicle.

Momeni allegedly stabbed Lee multiple times with a knife. The murder weapon was recovered a short distance away from the spot on the 300 block of Main Street, where the officers initially responded.